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GrowthBook: The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

Our Philosophy

The top 1% of companies spend thousands of hours building their own A/B testing platforms in-house. The other 99% are left paying for expensive 3rd party SaaS tools or hacking together unmaintained open source libraries.

GrowthBook gives you the flexibility and power of a fully-featured in-house A/B testing platform without needing to build it yourself.

We believe A/B testing should sit on top of your existing data and metrics, wherever they live and however they are defined.

We believe in data transparency. You can export results as a Jupyter notebook and our Bayesian stats engine is developed out in the open on GitHub.

We are fanatical about performance. Our Client Libraries are crazy fast and light-weight and evaluate everything locally with no network requests.

We believe good ideas come from everywhere. GrowthBook gives you access controls and guardrails to safely open up A/B testing to your entire organization.


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