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Growth Book: The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

Our Philosophy

The top 1% of companies spend thousands of hours building their own A/B testing platforms in-house. The other 99% are left paying for expensive 3rd party SaaS tools or hacking together unmaintained open source libraries.

Growth Book gives you the flexibility and power of a fully-featured in-house A/B testing platform without needing to build it yourself.

We believe A/B testing should sit on top of your existing data and metrics, wherever they live and however they are defined.

We believe in data transparency. Growth Book tells you exactly how your data is being queried and our stats engine is developed out in the open on GitHub.

We are fanatical about performance. Our Client Libraries are crazy fast and light-weight and evaluate everything locally with no network requests.

We believe good ideas come from everywhere. Growth Book gives you access controls and guardrails to safely open up A/B testing to your entire organization.


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