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Migrate from LaunchDarkly

Looking to migrate from LaunchDarkly to GrowthBook? We have a dedicated importer tool that lets you get up and running in minutes.

Create an API Token for LaunchDarkly

GrowthBook uses the LaunchDarkly REST API to access the relevant resources and import them.

You must create an access token in your LaunchDarkly account authorization settings .

Run the Import

Go to the GrowthBook dashboard's Importing section and choose LaunchDarkly.

Then, enter your LaunchDarkly access token and begin the 2-step process.

Step 1: Fetch from LaunchDarkly

This will fetch all projects, environments, and feature flags from LaunchDarkly. For large accounts with many feature flags, this may take several minutes to complete. If you run into rate limiting issues, you can adjust the default settings in the UI.

When this completes, you will see a preview of everything that will be imported. Carefully review this before proceeding to step 2. Only items marked as "pending" will be imported when you proceed.


For feature flags, we do our best to accurately import everything from LaunchDarkly - fallback values, targeting rules, rollouts, and prerequisite features. This should cover most standard use cases, however for advanced set ups, there are likely some scenarios that we won't be able to handle properly.

You can click the "open" link next to a feature flag to view a detailed JSON view of exactly what will be added/updated. Please review these carefully. If something doesn't look right, you can skip importing individual feature flags by clicking the "skip" link.

Step 2: Import to GrowthBook

In this step, all of the "pending" resources will be imported into GrowthBook. This should take about 1 second per feature flag on average, although this can vary greatly. The import window must be left open during the entire process.

If you are importing a feature that already exists in GrowthBook, a new revision will be created with any changes to the default value or override rules. All of the changes will be published to all environments immediately, bypassing any draft/review process.

Next Steps

After the import is complete, you will need to replace the LaunchDarkly SDK in your application with the equivalent GrowthBook SDK.