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Importing data into GrowthBook

Import data into GrowthBook from another platform.

You can see all of the supported platforms in the GrowthBook dashboard .

Import from LaunchDarkly

You can import your LaunchDarkly projects, environments and features into GrowthBook.

GrowthBook uses the REST API to access the relevant resources and import them.

At the time of writing, REST API access is a Pro and Enterprise feature only.

Create an access token

Create an access token in your account authorization settings .

Add the token to GrowthBook

Go to the GrowthBook dashboard's Importing section and choose LaunchDarkly.

Then, add your LaunchDarkly access token to the form and click the submit button to begin the import process.

Update your data

Data from LaunchDarkly does not map one-to-one with GrowthBook data. It's recommended you review imported resources and make any necessary updates: