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Connecting to your data warehouse


One of the major benefits of Growthbook is that your data remains securely stored in your data warehouse, and only the aggregated statistics are transmitted to GrowthBook servers or your self-hosted environment.

Preparing your data warehouse

Your data should be safe from modification as GrowthBook only runs SELECT queries (or the equivalent for non-SQL data sources). Still we still always recommend creating read-only users with as few permissions as possible - ideally just read permissions on the tables with the data that needs to be aggregated.

If you are using GrowthBook Cloud (, make sure to whitelist the ip address if applicable.

Saving your connection configuration on Growthbook Cloud or your self hosted server

The data source connection info is encrypted twice - once within the app and again by the database when persisting to disk. Most data sources have straight forward connection parameters like host, port, username, and password. However some are slightly more involved and is convered in the guides below.

Connection guides